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Developed by Dr. Welsh's colleague and friend Dr. Ellen Marmur, this is the only LED device we use outside of the office! 300 frosted LED lights, made to medical device specifications deliver the same clinically-proven wavelengths as professional-grade in-office devices. The smaller Sphere is perfect for treating your face and neck.

5 colors and 9 light settings. Complete with a personal travel case.
Read more about the benefits of each of the light settings here.

Please see packaging for details.
  • Choose from one of the 9 coloring settings or use the light protocol outlined by your BACD provider to meet your unique skincare goals
  • Sit back and relax to enjoy 20 minutes of LED Light Therapy. As long as you're within 1-2 feet of the device, you'll receive a treatment for your face, neck and chest all at the same time.
  • Best used after your evening skincare routine and/or after cleansing your skin to prevent any sunscreen from interfering with the LED.
  • Safe to use when working, cooking, meditating, reading, and anything else you do in your day. Dr. Austin likes to prop up the MMSphere on her Peloton!

MMSphere2GO FAQs

Blue (Dial 1 & 2): For oily and acne-prone skin.
Red (Dial 3,4 & 5) : For anti-aging and relaxation.
Purple (Dial 6): Combination skin.
Green (Dial 7 & 8): Hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
Amber (Dial 9): For glow factor and mood booster

Like most skincare, LED is only effective when used consistently. To start we recommend 20 minutes, 3x a week but your provider may adjust based on your specific skincare concerns.

Absolutely! Teen suffering with acne? Set up the light while they knock out homework. Little one who has a hard time winding down at night? Try Dial 3 for "Heartbeat Red" at bedtime - the pulsing heart beat is half of a normal heart rate and promotes a restful night's sleep.

To most quickly and accurately process your prescription, please fill in the details here. Our product concierge team will verify all information with your provider.

**PLEASE NOTE:  We are only authorized to sell RX products to patients who have been seen by a BACD provider in the past two years. If you have not been seen by a BACD provider in this time frame, your order will be refunded to the original form of payment. We thank you for your understanding.