MMSphere 2 Go: The Best LED At-Home Light Therapy

MMSphere 2 Go: The Best LED At-Home Light Therapy

With Kathleen M. Welsh, MD

Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology has offered LED light therapies in our clinic for years. 

We know first-hand how effective LED can be at reducing downtime from in-office treatments, preventing breakouts, soothing rosacea and helping to build collagen. We often include free LED treatment after procedures such as Fraxel laser resurfacing and are continually amazed by the accelerated healing time these painless lights provide.

In the past, we've relied on the PolyGO hand-held device and our acne patients (especially teens) have loved how much of a reduction they see in breakouts. Now, with the plethora of light masks available, we’ve wanted to upgrade our options for at-home treatments.

But I've delayed bringing on a LED device for several reasons:

1) The masks you've likely noticed all over social media just aren't realistic for most of our lifestyles - Who has time to lay down for 30 minutes in the middle of their day? Not me!

2) The masks tend to only offer 1-2 different colors meaning they have limited treatment options.

3) While we know LED therapy is effective, very specific wavelengths are necessary and I need clinical studies. Many of the masks on the market don't come with either.

This is why I am so excited to now offer the MMSphere 2 GO!

Developed by  my esteemed colleague Dr. Ellen Marmur of Marmur Medical in NYC, this device is clinically-proven for a huge variety of skin care concerns. Dr. Marmur put a lot of thought into the MMSphere  and it shows.  

Some of my favorite things about her device: 

  • 5 Colors of Lights = Many Uses (more about that below).
    I don't have time or energy for  single use devices.   
  • Specific wavelengths. 
    Many of the facial masks on the market today simply use colored bulbs (akin to Christmas lights) which have zero efficacy. The science Dr. Marmur based her specific wavelengths and colors on is extensive (scroll to bottom of article or full list) 
  • Easy to be consistent. 
    Like most skincare, LED is only effective when used consistently. I wanted something that I knew would be easy to use every day. To start we recommend 20 minutes, 3x a week but your provider may adjust based on your specific skincare concerns.
  • Busy schedule? 
    Set up the MMSphere on your Peloton or treadmill and treat while you exercise. Or use it while you're on your computer. As long as you're 1-2 feet of the device, you'll receive a treatment for your face, neck and chest all at the same time. Dr. Marmur specifically used frosted bulbs so you don't need to use the included goggles unless you have very sensitive eyes. 
  • Can be used by the whole family! 
    Teen suffering with acne? Set up the light while they knock out homework. Little one who has a hard time winding down at night? Turn on the amber light while reading @ bedtime.  
  • The battery is rechargeable AND replaceable which was very important to me. I don't want a device that's going to quickly end up in a landfill. 
  • Comes with a 30-day guarantee and (1) year warranty.   

Read more about the benefits of each of the light therapies below:

MMSphere Red Light

Recommended for anti-aging and relaxation

Red light stimulates collagen production which in turn minimizes  fine lines and wrinkles. It calms inflammation triggered by rosacea, acne, and any underlying stressors. This specific wavelength also has tremendous benefits for restless sleepers and insomniacs alike, and its efficacy is backed by NASA-based science.

  • Dial 3 Heartbeat Red - designed to relax and calm you. The pulsing heart beat is half of a normal heart rate and promotes a restful night's sleep.
  • Dial 4 Mellow Red - use for evening treatments or in a dark room to accommodate for low light. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind.
  • Dial 5 Bright Red - use for day treatments in bright well lit areas that are flooded with natural or artificial light.
MMSphere Blue Light

Recommended for oily and acne-prone skin

Blue light helps decrease acne-causing bacteria on the skin. Also known to improve alertness and memory based on academic studies.

  • Dial 1 Mellow Blue - use in low/dim light setting to accommodate for low light. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind.
  • Dial 2 Bright Blue - use in well-lit areas with natural or artificial light.

MMsphere Purple Light

Recommended for combination skin

This regal setting works by decreasing acne bacteria while stimulating collagen production to fight wrinkles (blue + red combined). Purple is a great time saver for those who could benefit from individual blue and red light sessions.

  • Dial 6 Purple - developed for multitaskers, any time of the day.

MMsphere Green Light

Recommended for any skin type

The green setting truly sets the MM Sphere apart from other LED home tools due to its rarity on a device. This rejuvenating wavelength works by directing its power to the first layer of the epidermis. This is where broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone is born and subsequently rescued by the green setting. 

Even out your complexion for 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week, as the wavelength works to block an excess amount of melanocytes from building up to the top layer of the epidermis. Universally, green is your go-to for brightening, fading melasma and sun damage, waking up the skin and preparing in the best possible way for an amazing day.

  • Dial 7 Mellow Green - can be used in dark lit settings to accommodate surroundings. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind.
  • Dial 8 Bright Green - use in bright natural and artificial light.


MMsphere Amber Light


Recommended for any skin type

The amber wavelength on the MM Sphere may just be the most underrated setting. The color has the ability to increase the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to our cells, thereby boosting our skin's *~glow factor~*. Additionally, the amplification of endorphins and the surge of positive neurotransmitters strengthens the function and capabilities of the microbiome.

On a more scientific level, these processes take place in the light receptors on our cells, which in turn stimulate the anti-aging benefits of this setting on a much larger scale. Use for mood boosting as needed and enjoy reaping the skin benefits as a bonus.