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Introducing a diamond microdermabrasion pore vacuum you can use at home, the KIWI derma from Foreo. A fabulous way to maintain skin between in-office services or to use on its own to gently remove dull, dead skin cells and clear congestion.

By removing this and temporarily dilating pores, your topical skincare products will penetrate better, making them even more effective. We're so here for that.

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We recommend using KIWI derma 1 evening a week to allow skin to heal overnight. For first time users, start with the lowest level.
    Avoid using retinoids, peels, or other exfoliating treatments for at least 2 days before and after using Kiwi Derma.

      Before the first use you will need to download the Foreo app and pair it with your device.

      STEP 1 Cleanse skin
      Thoroughly cleanse and dry your face. 

      STEP 2 Select preferences
      Press the universal button to turn on KIWI derma. Adjust the vacuum suction intensity by pressing the button again, once for each level. Access more settings via the FOREO app.

      STEP 3 Refine & rejuvenate
      Gently hold skin taut. Then press the tip of the device flat against your skin, and quickly glide across your face in upward motions.


      • Glide the device quickly and evenly across the skin, in an upward motion.
      • DO NOT PAUSE in one area.
      • Before using KIWI derma on your face, test it on your arm, starting with intensity Level 1.
      • Do not over-exfoliate - one glide per area is enough.
      • Do not apply excessive pressure.

      Foreo KIWI Derma FAQs

      Yes! Premium quality & a product life of years, with no replacement parts required. Ever.

      USB rechargeable with up to 120 minutes of use per single charge makes this device perfect for home use or for travel.

      The Small Adamas diamond tip precisely exfoliates the T-zone area. The Medium Adamas diamond tip reduces visible fine lines & pigmentation and scarring. The Large Adamas diamond tip exfoliates the cheeks & sensitive areas.

      Build Your Routine

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      Foreo LUNA 4 Facial Cleansing & Massaging Device


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