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Foreo LUNA 4 Facial Cleansing & Massaging Device

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  • Silicon touch points + sonic waves gently clean out pores: we can't believe how velvety soft this cleanse is - a 60 second routine is like a mini Hydrafacial at home and won't won't aggravate sensitive or acne-prone skin.⁣
  • Choose your destiny by selecting one of 3 models and preferences for intensity.
  • NO replacement brushes or other parts: major bonus for the pocketbook and landfill.⁣
  • Allows for better absorption of your active skincare ingredients.
  • Built-in massager on the other side ups your routine to spa status: we use it to gently pat in products on evenings we're leaning into self-care⁣.
  • 1 charge = hundreds of uses and a breeze to travel with. Say bye to charging cords cluttering your bathroom counter.⁣
    Clinical Data

    What makes the Luna 4 special?
    -100% of users report more refreshed & radiant skin.
    -96% of users report healthier-looking skin. 81% report reduced blemishes.
    -98% of users experience better absorption of skincare products.
    -86% of users report skin looks & feels firmer and more elastic.
    -Tailored cleanse with Gentle, Regular and Deep Cleanse modes.
    -16 intensities, 4 guided massages & 5 massage patterns.

    Clinical Results
    Based on 28-day clinical trial with 50 participants
    • Removes 99.5% of dirt and oil
    • Removes 98.5% of makeup residue
    • 100% More radiant and refreshed skin
    • 100% Better-feeling skin compared to cleansing by hand
    • 98% Smoother & softer feeling skin
    • 98% Brighter & luminous skin
    • 98% Better absorption of skincare products
    • 98% Healthier looking skin
    • 94% More toned skin
    • 88% More supple skin
    • 85% Reduces signs of rosacea


    STEP 1: Unlock device
    Start by unlocking your device via the FOREO For You app. Once paired and settings decided, device can be used without the app.

    STEP 2: Apply cleanser
    Dampen your face and apply your favorite face cleanser.  Wet LUNA 4 plus and press the universal button to turn on your device.

    STEP 3:Cleanse
    Choose Gentle, Regular, or Deep Cleanse mode by using the buttons on the device. Glide the silicone touchpoints in circular motions around the face/neck. Rinse face/neck and device.

    Foreo LUNA 4 Facial Cleansing & Massaging Device FAQs

    Premium quality & a product life of years, with no replacement parts required. Ever.

    USB rechargeable with up to 600 uses per single charge. We can attest that we only have to charge our Lunas 1x a year!

    Made of bacteria-resistant silicone, 100% waterproof, easy to clean with soap or by spraying with isopropyl alcohol and allowing to dry before next use.

    Build Your Routine

    STEP 1

    Obagi Foaming Gel Cleanser [#1]


    STEP 2

    Obagi Gentle Cleanser [#1]


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