Buccal Fat Removal without Surgery? Dr. Austin shows us how.

Buccal Fat Removal without Surgery? Dr. Austin shows us how.

You may have read about surgical buccal fat removal. We can't pick up a fashion mag without seeing mention of the surgery to permanently remove the fat of the cheek pads - results are often a dramatic hollowed out look and more defined jawline.

But how can we create similar (and from our POV even more beautiful, natural) results without surgery?

Queue combination treatments! 

This lovely patient wanted to define her lower face non-surgically, and prevent jowling down the road. So how did Dr. Austin do it?

  1. Restylane Refyne in the nasolabial folds and jawline provided beautiful structure and contouring. As we age, our bone structure often changes by shrinking. Filler along the jawline helps to restore structure and keep everything lifted.

  2. Threadlifts (Novathreads) in the mid-face helps to lift the lower face by proxy, and stimulates new collagen production for long-lasting results.

  3. And yes! Some buccal fat reduction. However, Dr. Austin utilized Kybella to gently dissolve the cheek pads. Only one treatment was done here, with beautiful and natural results, non-surgically!

The treatments above should only ever be performed by a deeply experienced board-certified physician. Our top priority is always SAFE & gorgeous results.  

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